Void Moons

how do void moons work?

When the Moon is Void of Course

Each month the Moon makes one complete orbit around the Earth, spending two or three days in each sign. As the Moon nears the end of a given sign, it makes its last Ptolemaic aspect to another planet and goes Void of Course. It is no longer "communicating” with the other planets until it enters the following sign.

This void period could last a full day or be as brief as only a few minutes, depending on the location of everything else in the sky.

When the Moon is void actions tend to have less result, or don't connect completely, so it is a good idea not to start a project on a Void Moon. A first date will go nowhere. Things purchased on a Void Moon don't get used, don't really fit, or are somehow never quite right. If you buy groceries during this period the store will be out of what you came for, or you will end up going out to eat all week and the food will spoil in your refrigerator. Don't send out invitations — no one be able to come. On the other hand, you can use the energy positively to diffuse a situation. If you need to bring up a difficult subject, or think you are going to have an argument with someone — call them on a Void Moon! Nothing will come of it — you have just avoided unnecessary drama. Use void moons to work on projects you have already started, to adjust and refine things. Clean your house. Walk your dog. Take a break. Play with it — you will very quickly figure out how to best use your void moons.

August 2022 (est)

Void Moons for This Month

Void Moons for August 2022 (EST)


August 1 (Monday) – Moon in Virgo all day

August 2 (Tuesday) – Moon in Virgo ingress Libra 0:05am> Moon in Libra all day

August 3 (Wednesday) – Moon in Libra all day

August 4 (Thursday) – Moon in Libra goes void 2:18am> Ingress Scorpio 7:46am > In Scorpio all day

August 5 (Friday) – Moon in Scorpio all day

August 6 (Saturday) – Moon in Scorpio goes void 7:22am > Ingress Sagittarius 12:38pm > In Sagittarius the rest of the day

August 7 (Sunday) – Moon in Sagittarius all day

August 8 (Monday) – Moon in Sagittarius goes void 6:28am > Void all morning > Ingress Capricorn 2:28pm

August 9 (Tuesday) – Moon in Capricorn all day

August 10 (Wednesday) – > Moon in Capricorn all morning > Goes void 12:37pm > Ingress Aquarius 2:44pm > In Aquarius the rest of the day

August 11 (Thursday) – Moon in Aquarius all day

August 12 (Friday) – Moon in Aquarius goes void 7:05am > Void all morning > Ingress Pisces 2:44pm

August 13 (Saturday) - Moon in Pisces all day

August 14 (Sunday) – Moon in Pisces goes void 11:08am > Void for a bit> Ingress Aries 4:42pm

August 15 (Monday) – Moon in Aries all day

August 16 (Tuesday) – Moon in Aries most of the day > Goes void 4:16pm > Ingress Taurus 10:22pm

August 17 (Wednesday) – Moon in Taurus all day

August 18 (Thursday) – Moon in Taurus all day

August 19 (Friday) – Moon in Taurus goes void 7:04am > Ingress Gemini 8:05am > In Gemini all day

August 20 (Saturday) – Moon in Gemini all day

August 21 (Sunday) – Moon in Gemini all day > Goes void 6:04pm >Ingress Cancer 8:28pm

August 22 (Monday) – Moon in Cancer all day

August 23 (Tuesday) – Moon in Cancer all day

August 24 (Wednesday) – Moon in Cancer goes void 5:38am > Ingress Leo 9:06am > In Leo all day

August 25 (Thursday) – Moon Leo all day

August 26 (Friday) – Moon in Leo goes void 2:53am > Void ALL DAY >Ingress Virgo 8:24pm

August 27 (Saturday) – Moon Virgo all day

August 28 (Sunday) – Moon in Virgo all day > Goes void 11:06pm

August 29 (Monday) – Moon Virgo ingress Libra 5:44am > Moon in Libra all day

August 30 (Tuesday) – Moon in Libra all day

August 31 (Wednesday) – Moon in Libra goes void 6:41am> Ingress Scorpio 1:10pm > Moon in Scorpio the rest of the day