Discover Yourself.

Understand your true potential and profound connection to the
Universe through my one-on-one sessions.


Resonance Repatterning

Quickly identify and overcome personal blocks by engaging your unconscious mind. Switch on new neural pathways that support positive life actions.



Clarify who you are, gain perspective and stay in rhythm by understanding your profound connection to the Universe.


Past Life Exploration

Expand understanding of your soul’s evolutionary intention of the arc of many lives using deep hypnosis.



Eliminate unwanted behaviors and achieve goals easily using the power of your unconscious mind.


“I believe in bringing the light into any situation. Your deepest truth is your greatest resource – let it shine!”


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About Vanessa

My goal is to shine light on your true potential and your profound connection to the Universe. If there is conflict in your world, the truth lies within you. Together we can find the answer.

Vanessa is an astrologer, certified consulting hypnotist and Resonance Repatterning practitioner here in beautiful New York City.

"Each experience/session with Vanessa has added so much to my life.

When she added past life exploration to her compliment of skills, I booked a session immediately. She is an excellent facilitator and guided me to dive deep into some personal issues I have carried with me for decades. The profound change this brought in my body and spirit has helped me continue to open and grow in a way I had always longed for. Vanessa's expertise, manner of speaking and way of guiding me through a session raises me up to an astounding level of healing and I am truly grateful for knowing her.”